Over the last couple of weeks, Finn has gotten really, *really* interested in All Things Stinky. He loves to go to the back door and say, “Bleaugh, bleaugh!”–as in, “Take me to the garbage cans immediately!” Wednesdays (trash days) are a real hit, with Finn checking out the garbage trucks and saying “Beep beep beep… bleaugh!”
The whole ritual has gotten quite elaborate lately, involving trips to the neighbor’s yard where they let weird lemon-like fruit fall and rot. Finn grabs each piece of fruit, at which point we walk it several doors down to another neighbor’s where he theatrically fires it into their garbage can. I don’t know whether people think we’re insane, charming, or both. 🙂
Here’s a little documentary evidence of our activities:

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John looks way more interested in the garbage than Finn does. Nice way to use your kid to cover up your weird garbage fascination!
[Oh, but I can never capture him *constantly* going to the back door, saying “bleaugh” and begging to be taken to the cans again and again. You’ve gotta believe me! 🙂 –J.]

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