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Nighttime philosophizing with the Finnster

On Monday night as Margot & I were watching a movie, a little blonde man suddenly appeared in the doorway. "I wanted to snuggle with you guys upstairs! I couldn't find you up there!" he declared. As I escorted him back to bed, he was eager to show me his open door: "This is where I creeped out!" Afterwards as we laid in the sack, he struck up conversation:

"Dad-O, what if your back was broken and there was a hole in it where we put food?"
"Uh… what do you mean, buddy?"
"I mean what if you were a food truck, and I was a table?"
"You were a table...? Where would you be?"
"I'd be in the kitchen, by the stove." [Duh, dad!]
"Oh… and who would eat off of you?"
"Mom-O and G-Man. [Double duh!] You'd pull up outside, and I'd go out to unload the food."
"Ah, okay. Would you walk on all fours, like a bear, or regular person-style?"
"I'd walk person-style."
"Okay. You'd probably have to be careful not to dump off the food when you stood up."
"Yeah… Hey, what if I was just wearing a table costume, instead of being an actual table?"
"I think that sounds like a pretty good plan, buddy. Okay, ready for some sleep?"
"Sure. May you rub my back first?"
"Sure, pal."

[Aaand, *scene*]

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  1. Yup, like I said: evidence trending towards “awesome”. 🙂

    [Heh heh–thanks! 🙂 -J.]

  2. Is he for real? Zowiebandowie.

  3. Ok, for some reason my high school kid found your blog, and follows you.
    He even made a 3-D printed coaster with your Head-Table outline.
    He just opened this and made me read this entry again.
    Sooner or later he will notice that I left you a comment.

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