Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


The Brothers Domendite

We're rarely content to call things by their right names, so why should "domendites" (er, toes) be any exception? Henry's new discovery down there coincides with his big bro (almost) mastering our family's version of This Little Piggy. Check it out:

Historical bonus: Compare this bit to Finny & Grandma Nack doing the routine back in August.


“More Domendite!”

We've mentioned our weird family version of This Little Piggy, but it's never before been committed to film. 🙂 In this clip you can see Grandma Nack cracking Finn up, earning unending calls for "More Domendite!"


A Tiny Bite of Domendite!

Finny really knows how to bring on the hilarity! Every day it's something new and totally unpredictable.
We've known that Finn is very into toes (touching them, purposefully stepping on our feet, "sweeping" them with a paintbrush), but today he added an entirely new angle to his repetoire. One of his current favorite books is Dr. Seuss's Hop On Pop. His favorite page in the book is "HE ME. He is After Me!" wherein a goofy tiger/lionish looking creature with big teeth is biting an equally goofy-looking kid on the toe (see image).
As he and I were goofing around, barefoot, on the couch this afternoon, he spontaneously leaned over, bit my big toe, and growled, knowing that the appropriate response would be to holler "No!", which is what we say when we read the book. I delivered a good yelp of "No!", and started laughing hysterically because it was so unexpected. This encouraged Finny to bite the toe several times and wait for my soap-operatic reaction. He was super surprised when I grabbed his toe and did the same thing!


Battle… Domendite!

Margot and I watch way too much "Iron Chef America"--or rather, we did pre-Finn, when watching TV was actually an option. We get a particular kick out of the ridiculous character of "The Chairman's Nephew," played by a totally overwrought martial artist, screaming "Battle... {food item}!!" at the start of every show. It's all accompanied by frenetic camera zooms, dry ice smoke, and him giving kind of a karate chop towards the ingredient du jour ("Battle... GOAT LIVER!!").
For some reason (long-term sleep deprivation, or maybe the 100-degree heat here in San Jose), I'm reminded of all this when I look at some recent Finnpix. Therefore I present... "Battle... DOMENDITE!*" (HTML)
* Translation for everyone who isn't a weirdo who grew up in Galena, IL: big toe. 😉


Tri(-Syllabic) This On For Size

Finno is exploring language like mad. He's recently learned to say "Toot toot!" when hearing a train in the distance; he beeps along with trucks backing up; and he offers a commanding impression of Harley Davidsons rumbling by.
Now he's trying to move into three-syllabled territory. Current projects:

  • Domendite: Our silly word for toes. Finn likes to start poking my shoes insistently while trying to loosen the laces, saying "Domen, domen!" The "-dite" part is now getting clearer.
  • Polkabats: We enjoy reading about these crazy creatures "dropping smelly polka-turds on people down below."
  • Poop Robot: The little guy A) wears robot PJs, and B) loves to eat dried fruit. How 'bout we just leave it at that?
  • Mahna Mahna!: A crazy old Muppet song provides much distracting entertainment on car trips.

Bathtime & Foot Fun

Developments are coming fast and furious for our little squirrel-man. He's now reaching very deliberately for things (to pop into his mouth, naturally)--things that somehow often happen to include pieces of M&D's faces. We think he's trying to disprove the saying that "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose..."
He's also developed a real taste for his Domendites, popping his little hind paws right into his maw. During bathtime Dad tried to get in on that action. 🙂 I've been running around with the camera, capturing what I can; here's a little gallery (HTML) of the latest.


“Peety Weety”

Greetings from a very, very dark room where the Finnfatha is dozing while Margot catches a late-evening shower. We've had a nice week with the Liggetts in town, helping enormously as I've made the transition back to working full time. I should have a few more pics to share soon, but this whole making-a-living thing kind of cramps my photographic & blogging style. 😉
Before my folks headed back to Illinois, my dad reminded me of some silliness I hadn't heard in years. Instead of the traditional "This little piggy..." routine, his aunt used to get after his feet with a different approach. She'd start with the baby toe, calling them out by name & building up the drama:

"Peety Weety...
Polly Lutey...
Lady Thistle...
Lotty Thostle...
And a Great Big Domendite!!"

Heh heh--nice n' bizarre, eh? 🙂
In any case, we had fun today "Documenting the Domendites" via a little kit given to us by Margot's friend Janine.