The Tiny Knight Who Says “Neh!”

John’s groovy cousin Alicia hipped us to the “Dunstan Baby Language” method for interpreting the different sounds and cries that all babies make to indicate whether they are hungry, uncomfortable, gassy, or tired. We picked up the DVD’s and watched them last night. Really fascinating stuff!
There are about 5 distinctive sounds/cries that babies make, and the one we can confidently say we’re hearing the most is “Neh!” which means “I’m hungry.” We’re also hearing quite a bit of “Eh!” when he gorges himself on milk and needs to burp a lot. It’s pretty exciting to be able to decipher a bit of what Finn is trying to tell us, and I’m sure we’ll be passing along the DVDs to our neighbors, who we just found are expecting in August.

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I think it is so cool that Finn has a baby blog. Glad you liked the baby language videos. It is so satisfying to figure out what the distress signals mean. Alejandro is moving ahead with his communication skills. When we see people out for a walk and we start talking, he has started to chime in with oohs and ahhs. We are thinking of getting into baby signs but not in the disturbing meet the foeckers kind of way. We will keep checking the blog for more updates. Alejandro gives a shout out to his primo –
AZ and AV

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