Songs in the Key of F

As probably everyone knows by now, babies can hear their parents’ voices in utero, and it’s possible that playing music for bambinos stimulates their development.  Not wanting The Artist Soon To Be Known as Finn to hear only his mom’s voice, and having learned that babies respond more to high-pitched sounds, I decided to “serenade” Margot’s belly with the falsetto tones of Neil Young’s Vampire Blues.  Instead of singing “Oh I’m a vampire, baby, suckin’ blood from the earth,” I changed it to “Oh I’m a Vampire Baby, suckin’ juice from my mom…”  This seemed to go over pretty well, earning a few kicks in my general direction. 🙂

Other Finn-themed faves:

  • Devendra Banhart “Michigan State” — which I relentlessly turn into “Finnegan State”
  • Coldplay “Yellow” — but not anymore (adios, jaundice)
  • Traditional “Finnegan’s Wake” — totally incomprehensible, but high-spirited good times.  (We won’t actually keep a bucket of whiskey by dear Finnegan’s head.)
  • The Who “Finnball Wizard” — got such a supple lip.

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