Jailbreaks, Harmonicas, Foot-Finding, & More

It’s been too long since I’ve posted pix of our young friend! He’s been a busy boy…
Upon learning of the passing of rock pioneer Bo Diddley, Finn started playing the harmonica (seen here, at left). He also wrote a little song for the occasion, using Bo’s signature riff:

“Bo Diddley’s dead,
    Bah DAH duh dah dunh…
Goin’ down in a hole.
    Bah DAH duh dah dunh…
Nobody ever gonna see him;
    Bah DAH duh dah dunh…
Might get eaten by a mole.
    Bah DAH duh dah dunh…”

From there Finnster donned his old-timey prison stripes, with mom set to match in hers, and had some good times on the bed. Naturally all the downward-facing excitement resulted in a huge… well, let’s just say you can see the aftermath in this set, but thankfully not the event itself. You can also see our little guy starting to become aware of these fleshy little “feet” things hanging out somewhere south of his tummy. Without further ado, here are the shots. (HTML)

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