Papa’s Got a Brand New Bob!

Cue the James Brown: “Papa’s got a brand new Bob! (Heeey!)”
Man, who woulda thought I’d get to the point of raving about a sweet, sweet new stroller?? And yet here we are. 🙂
Margot, knowing Finn’s & my shared penchant for long weekend walks, scored us a pretty terrific Father’s Day gift–namely a silky-smooth, fast-wheeling Bob stroller. Check it out!

She gave it a bit early (yesterday) so that we could enjoy a full weekend’s worth of rolling funder (oh jeez…). Behold!

Thanks again, Nut! ;-D

One reply on “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bob!”

Now THAT is one beautiful Flavawagon the whole family can enjoy!
[Chariots of FLAVA, yo! ;-D –J.]

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