The (Baby) Iceman Cometh…

Today marks the second installment of “Finn n’ Dad Batchin’ It”–flying bachelor-style while Margot flies north for the day to school bank nerds on… well, whatever it is she schools bank nerds on ;-). Just now the wee man went to bed, hopefully down for the evening. (This follows much outstanding cooing, mutual face petting, and general good times.)
This morning I took the squirrel to the doc for a pair of vaccinations. I know it’s insanely cliched & every parent thinks his child is a genius, but Finny seemed to know just where he was, to the point of derailing completely into nuclear-grade histrionics when I laid him on the table. After maybe 60 seconds, however (up to and including the shot), he clammed right up and remained as cool as a cucumber. The doc remarked that most kids keep screaming their heads off all the way out of the office, but Finn was a portrait in cool. I dub him The Iceman. 🙂

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