Finn keeps racking up new skills on a daily basis. It’s happening so fast we can hardly keep up! One of the best changes made itself known last night, and we’re hoping it’s the start of a beautiful new chapter in our lives. Finn slept 11 hours straight, from 7pm to 6am! Woohoo!!!
We’ve been giving him small portions of rice cereal in the evening to see if a) he’ll eat it, b) he likes it, and c) it will help him sleep longer. The results on all three counts are positive. He literally lunges at the spoon when he sees it coming, and gobbled down the entire bowl of cereal last night (which was 1 tablespoon of cereal to a few tablespoons of milk, proferred in a zillion teeny-tiny spoonfuls). I figured he was ready to start test-driving food when he was constantly making chewing motions and observing us carefully as we’d eat and drink.
So, with an 11-hour stretch of sleep under our collective belts (that equals eight uninterrupted hours of sleep for me, since I won’t go to bed at 7 p.m.!), we’ll keep up the evening cereal and see if we can establish a trend.

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