The Flying Houndstooth Throne

We finally got our act together and bought a new (used) car–one that will far more easily fit Finn, his car seat, all of our gear, and the new baby + car seat come summertime. Getting in and out of the VWs had turned into an exercise in contortion.
Finn got a new ride as well, since he is getting waaaaay too big for his “baby bucket”. We got him a new, bigger-guy car seat which we have now dubbed Finn’s Flying Houndstooth Throne (the new car goes very fast and is a very smooth ride!).
Check out Finn in his new throne (HTML), and the two of us enjoying *our* new wheels (to follow).
[The big appeal of the new ride is the cavernous back seat. It’s not quite as big as this old Audi (!), but at least you don’t have to fold up like a Picasso figure as we did getting into the back of the Jetta. –J.]

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