Christmas Photos

Christmas with the Nack GPs

Happy New Year, everyone! We took a little hiatus from blogging while my folks were in town from New Year’s Eve ’til today. They’d originally planned to come out on Dec. 26th, but their flight from Chicago was grounded by bad weather. Undeterred, they trekked out a couple of days later with a big bag of loot for the Finnmaster.
We all had a ball together, and as you can see in the photo gallery* (HTML), we played some hide-and-seek, showed Finn himself (and the Dalai Lama!), partied in the tub, went back to the farm, and more. It was terrific to have a couple seasoned pairs of eyes helping look after the little guy & giving Margot & me the chance to have a few nights out to ourselves. Sometimes it’s nice to say, “Oh, wait, we’re not just parents!” 🙂
We recorded a few video clips, too, so I hope to post a short highlight reel soon.
* Because the gallery is a bit bigger than usual, I had to use numerals instead of thumbnail images at the bottom. As usual you can move to the next image by hitting the “+” icon at right, and/or press the little triangular button to start the slideshow.

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