“Oh Oh Oh!”

What a day for our little Finnster–and all of us–to be alive. 🙂 The small guy watched this morning’s proceedings with Margot and me, waving (rather randomly) at the crowds on TV.
Lately he’s been more and more vocal, saying “Ooh Ooh Ooh!” when we point out the monkey among his little jungle pals, and exclaiming “Oh!” pretty much constantly. We tried today to get him to say “BaMa,” figuring we could then get “Oh BaMa” from him–but it wasn’t to be. But hey, we’re still working on “MaMa,” and right now Finn calls both me and Margot “DaDa.” I now refer to her as “Lady DaDa.” 😉
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Today Finn learned to high-five! He must have picked it up from us, as we were doing it constantly.

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