1st Shave and a Haircut (o.k., just haircut)

Dad and Finn have been trying to get to the barber for a haircut for two Saturdays now, but between swim lessons, meals, and nap time, it’s hard to get to the shop before closing time at 4 p.m. Both Finn and Dad were getting pretty weedy so we were really hoping to get it taken care of today! We thought we’d missed the boat again this afternoon, since Finn didn’t finish his post-nap bottle until 4:10, but we decided to go ahead and go out for a walk, a cup of frozen yogurt our goal instead of haircuts.
The great thing about having a neighborhood barber is that if you’re lucky, they just might be hanging out by the front door chatting with some passers-by after closing time. So by the time we rolled by at about 4:30, Tom the Barber was still there, and we asked him if we could get Finny’s haircut (oh, and Dad’s too). He was super nice about it, and so both my guys got trimmed up.
Finn sat on my lap, and was very calm during his haircut–he was interested in the snipping sounds and someone tugging at his locks, but he didn’t freak out at all. He even got a little “First Haircut” certificate to take home. He got a little freaked watching Tom go after Dad with the clippers and scissors, but soon figured out that Dad wasn’t in peril! Here are a few pics (HTML) from our trip to the tonsorial parlor. Our thanks to Tom for staying open late to take on a couple of scrappy-looking guys!

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