Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

This is our first Valentine’s Day with Finnegan, and we both agree that he really puts the L-O-V-E into the day. And speaking of first Valentine’s Days, our good friends Alex and Bryan Hughes welcomed their son Miles into the world this morning at 12:17a.m., making this V.D. the best one ever for the Hughes family :D. We are going to the hospital this afternoon to meet little Miles and bring some treats to Alex (who labored throughout the day yesterday, and into the night) and Bryan to celebrate.
So it’s a big, happy, love-filled, heartwarming day all around. Finn’s enjoying the cards and little gifts he’s received from Auntie Laura & Family, and both sets of grandparents. We (Mom and Dad, that is) have a dinner date tonight, so Carol will babysit her young Valentine while we go out. Much love to you and yours!
[Update: Here are some photos (one, two, and three) of darling little Miles. We had a great time visiting with the new fam yesterday & fortifying them with brownies. –J.]
[Update two: And Here’s me with Miles. 🙂

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He’s beautiful! I have never seen a baby born needing a haircut. 🙂 What a cutie. So glad Finn will have a playmate! Awesome!

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