The Finnegan Floor Show

Finny is definitely a physical little boy! He’s so intrigued by mastering new skills, and so observant of adults as we go about our business. For instance, Finn wants to walk up the stairs big-guy style–just one foot in front of the other, hoisting himself up the stairs while standing the whole time…no crawling and belly-flopping for this guy! I think he sees us go up the stairs and thinks “I can do that, too!”. So John and I hold his hands and help lift him to the next step once he gets his foot planted.
He’s also decided to master clapping this week. Just out-of-the-blue started clapping all by himself! And he’s also mastered his “seafood casino” toy–which entails pushing a big purple button to get little spinners (covered with fish illustrations) rolling–something that takes quite a bit of coordination and has heretofore stymied our boy.
Probably the most fun thing he’s been doing is self-initiated peek-a-boo. Tonight he repeatedly positioned himself behind the door frame, slowly peeked around the edge so dad could get a look at him, then slowly edged back behind the wall again. Quite the little show!

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