Croup is Poop!

Ah, poor little Finno has come down with quite the intense cough and cold! His upper lip is doing a great recreation of a Slip n’ Slideblech!
The two of us have been kicking it bachelor-style for a few days while Margot visits some pals in Seattle. I’m typing this after midnight, listening to the monitor and hoping the whole thing doesn’t become a full-blown case of the croup. At least Carol has had some experiences with that sort of badness & was able to set me up with some health info yesterday (e.g. if your child wakes up coughing and crying, run a hot shower for 15 minutes for the steam, then take him outside to the cold night air for 10 minutes).
We miss mama, but she’ll be back soon enough tomorrow evening. In the meantime, Finn had the freaky experience of hearing her on the phone; many quizzical looks followed. We went for a long walk this evening, and he was good as gold until *exactly* the maximally distant point, so I ended up carrying him the 1.5 miles home (and here I’d been complaining that I get no exercise ;-)).
Nearing home, Finn spied some balloons attached to a sign and lunged back at them. He was really fascinated, so we went inside and I splurged for a pair–$2.17 very well spent! Now in addition to learning about (and shouting) “Down!” (i.e. where he keeps dropping his dishes), he can learn about “Up!”

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