The Bird Has the Word(s)!

Mr. Finn’s been working awfully hard at saying words these past couple of weeks, and we’re happy to report that he’s starting to make some progress! Here is his current vocab list:

  • Down!: where Finny looks longingly after he drops his food over the side of his chair.
  • Yeah: in response to anything that sounds like a question. (Undoubtedly this will switch to “No” at some point all too soon!)
  • Good-a-Good-a-Good-a-Good: not really associated with anything specific, but he sure likes to say it!
  • Duck, Moo, Arf Arf Arf, and Roar!

[And hey, let’s not forget “Da Da!” He’s much more purposeful in saying it, and other day he greeted me with a simple and direct “Dad!!” How terrific is that? 🙂 –J.]

One reply on “The Bird Has the Word(s)!”

Isn’t it amazing that in no time Finn will speak English much more convincingly than I ever will? 🙂
Stop the presses: Bruno started eating stuff this week!

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