Babyslang 5

The silly wordplay continues at Chez Nack:

  • Technosceptre: Any remote control, as wielded by King Finnegan as he patrols the realm
  • Dairy Van Dyck: Milk mustache
  • Guttock: The belly. “Did you have a nice meal, Finny? Well I hope you left enough room for Daddy’s *fist*, because now I’m going to RAM IT INTO YOUR GUTTOCK!!”–followed by mutual cackling. 😉
  • Katz Fancy: Patterned after Cat Fancy, it’s a magazine for kids who share Finn’s love of Karen Katz‘s lift-the-flap stylings
  • SimulBite: Finn hasn’t entirely learned to finish one bite of food before taking on the next. This leads to us offering him one bite (let’s say green beans), only to discover the presence of an earlier one (e.g. a goldfish cracker). It must make for some weird taste combos!
  • The Tracheal Heisman: One stiff Finny arm to the Mom/Dad’s throat. “You *know* what I’m talkin’ about! (imitates being strangled) EeearraAAAaagh!” — Mom

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