Coupe of Squirrel!

We think that an important part of hitting the 1-year mark is getting your own set of wheels. To that end, Finny’s Nack Grandparents bought him the all-time classic Cozy Coupe for his birthday. While Finn and Dad romped around in the yard, yours truly put the Coupe together…you’d be amazed at how many individual parts had to be snapped, screwed, and shoved together!

The car even came with some really nice decals for the dashboard, rearview mirror, and license plate. As I pulled out the sheet of decals, John chimed in “Do you want to do the stickers? I’m really good at stickers.” (Imagine this being delivered with the innocence and glee of a 6-year old boy.) He graciously allowed me to apply the stickers–by far the easiest part of the assembly!

Here are some photos (HTML) of our 4-wheeled adventures around the yard and driveway. We think Finn’s really going to enjoy his new ride!

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He is following in his uncle’s footsteps! Remember John that i got my cozy coupe when I turned 1 too. I might make a truck lover outa him yet. Hopefully I’ll get a little riding companion outa the deal. He would like my big rig.

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