Mr. Nack Wants a “Nack!”

Finno is working *so* hard on talking these days, and is making new sounds all the time. Yesterday he picked up “Neh” for “Neigh” when we were looking at pictures of horses, and we could’ve sworn tonight we heard him say “Leo” when we put him to bed with his little lion-blankie-buddy we call Leo.
Probably the most fun verbal development by far was when Finn walked into the kitchen today, looked at Carol, and said “Nack!” while gesturing towards his high chair. We took this to mean “snack”, since that’s where he sits to eat his goldfish crackers, “(ba)nanas”, and the like :-). The boy does love his “nacks”.
[The funny thing is that for years my friends have laughed when they search for my name in the company directory and get back the hours for the company snack bar. Now Finny is getting in on that action. 🙂 –J.]

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