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Our little fighter had his 15-month check-up today with Dr. S. Once again, he blows away the competition and has gone through quite a growth spurt, to boot! He is 33 inches tall, weighs 28 lbs 12 oz, and his head is 48cm around. He clocks in at the 90-95th percentile on all counts.

Dr. S was astounded when I told her how many words Finn can say (we’ve counted about 75) and that he can even understand abstract concepts (for instance, he says “Leo!” when we’re trying to be sneaky and say “his buddy” or “Finn’s little pal”). She says that for boys, the average at 15 months is more like 15 words! Unfortunately he was dozey and not too talkative during our appointment, so she didn’t get a sampling of his skills. She did, however, get to meet Leo :-).

While we were waiting for the nurse to come in with the vaccination shots, I started whistling little tunes to keep Finny entertained, which he really enjoyed. As soon as I would stop he’d look up at me, pucker up, and start blowing through his lips to get me to start going again! (A mom can only sing the short lyrics to “Pony Boy” so many times…so whistling is a good alternative, and fascinating for Finn.)

Last night we had a little impromptu taco night with our pals Tom & Sarah, their daughter Harper (11 weeks), Huez* & Alex, and their son Miles (3.5 mos). Here is a little gallery (HTML) of shots from the evening, starting with the touchdown of the cute tots in our backyard. Finn was mad for guacamole and chips, so many thanks to Alex for letting us keep the leftovers!

* Pronounced by Finn as “Oot!”

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