Hitchin’ A Ride

It’s an exciting day for Dad-o and Finny today. We finally got the bike trailer (a super nice gift from John’s folks!) that we ordered from the bike shop! It’s a Burley D’Lite ST, which will fit two kids and also converts to a stroller. So now we can pop both boys in for a stroll, or Finny for a ride to the park. Henry is too small for trailering: he has to be old enough for a helmet and unassisted sitting-up. Finn and Dad-o took it for a test ride to the park this morning, so here are some pics (HTML) as they set out from the casa. There are some really great parks in our neighborhood that are just far enough away that walking takes too long, and driving seems wasteful, but biking over is just the ticket.
In addition to converting to stroll-mode, the other nice thing about the trailer is that it has a pretty roomy cargo area behind the seat, so we can haul a picnic lunch, or sand toys/towels, or even a couple sacks of groceries. We’re looking forward to logging lots of miles with the guys! Oh, and soon, in addition to the orange safety flag, the trailer will be flying a small jolly roger on top :D.
[Just for my dad’s benefit, I think I’ll add a bumper sticker that says “GOON IS MY CO-PILOT.” 😉 –J.]

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