Dook Dook Duke!

Yesterday, Finn and Henry got a little box of gifts from our friends Paco and Betty Podmore. Finn got a collection of small, plastic squirting animals for the bathtub: an elephant, a monkey, and a raccoon. Our nanny Carol was talking with Finn and asking him what he might want to name his raccoon. She was suggesting names like Joe, Mike, etc. when all of a sudden, Finn burst out “Duke!”. So henceforth, he is “Duketheraccoon!”. This marks the first time Finny has named one of his toys!
John and I speculate that “Duke” could actually be spelled “Dook”, after the sound effects John makes when he is pretending to drink out of a cup or Coke can. He and Finn have conversations when John grabs a Coke out of the fridge, and Finn says “Dad-o dook dook!”, John says “Yep, Dad-o dook dook.” Then Finn says “Finny dook dook?” and John says “No, Coke’s not for Finny. No dook dook.” We also “dook dook” out of the garden hose when we’re playing in the backyard.

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