Babyslang, Volume 7

The verbal hijinks never stop here at Chez Nack. Here is our latest list of slang that’s in common use with Finn:

  1. Shat Trick: Like the hockey “hat trick“, we’ve learned to wait, wait, and then wait a little longer before changing Finn’s (or Henry’s) poopy dipe…inevitably just when you think he’s done, there’s more coming.
  2. No Pat No: Knives, scissors, or other sharp objects. Coined from Dr. Seuss’s Hop On Pop, where the character Pat is advised not to sit on a cactus. When Finn sees us cutting up food, he says “No Pat no!”
  3. DPT: Shorthand for Finn’s Dipetorium.
  4. Dipeteria: The name for Henry’s changing table. Hey, we can’t have two dipetoria!
  5. MoMo’s/DipIt’s: Pretzels dipped in chive/onion cream cheese. A Finny snack favorite introduced to us by our nanny, “Coco”. Finn used to just say “more! more!” then he graduated to commanding us to “dip it!” (the pretzel that is) in more cheese before polishing it off.
  6. Dr. Dipechek: Dad-o doing a quick visual inspection of Finny’s dipe to see if it needs triage.
  7. Choco-Boca: Anything chocolate + Finn’s mouth. Could be chocolate ice cream, a piece of chocolate candy, or Mom-o’s chocolate-flavored Luna bars. Finn gets very melodious and starts singing “choco-booooooca!” over and over when he knows he’s in for a treat.
  8. Gooniecam: The handheld video monitor/receiver for Henry’s room.
  9. No Mo’ Ocho: Used when discussing exactly how many Ochos (like our Audi A8) there are (or aren’t) in the universe.
  10. *SLAM!* (“Mo’ Slam!!”): Dad-o and Finny roughhousing in Finn’s room.
  11. *DUMP!* (“Mo’ Dump!!”): Finn dumping any given item or items out of a container (crackers, blocks, bathwater).
  12. Adios!! (with a hand-waving flourish): What we say when we’re leaving, or when someone is leaving us.

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