C is for Cookie

Finn has become intimately familiar with Cookie Monster and the “C is for Cookie” song, thanks to YouTube’s vast collection of Sesame Street clips. He is also very adept with the Play-Doh these days, and really digs rolling out the Doh and using the little plastic “cookie cutters” that came in the Play-Doh kit. So imagine his delight when I told him we were going to roll out, cut, and decorate Christmas cookies today!
Here are a few pics (HTML) from our adventure, plus some other recent goings-on. Needless to say, Finn enjoyed the raw dough, the cooked dough, watching me put the food coloring into the icing, and shaking on the sprinkles and colored sugar. Against my better judgement, but in the spirit of not being a Grinch, I let him eat far too many cookies. All evening he was requesting “mo’ cookies!”.
In other news, Henry’s turning a corner on napping and is becoming more alert, smiley, and active each day. We’ve included a few recent pics of our little big man in action. We got him a little sleep sack, which is like a blanket he can wear. He’s moving around a lot in the crib so using a regular blanket is now out of the question, but he sure likes feeling warm and snuggly. John likes to call it the “sleep bag”, and I like to call it the nap extender. I have no idea if it actually contributed to his much improved napping over the last few days, but I’m not going to stop using it to find out if there’s a difference!

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