Coyote Pants

Our man Finny is fascinated with the National Geographic Desert Pop-up book that Dad-o got him in Death Valley. A particular favorite is a jumping coyote who is pursuing a “fat squirrel”. Soon Dad-o and Finny were making up all kinds of coyote attack scenarios using Dad-o’s pinched thumb and forefinger as the coyote (or “guy-o-dee” as pronounced by Finn). The “coyote” sneaks through cracks between the mattress and crib bumper, appears below small holes where a young lad’s finger might wiggle through, and nibbles on various toddler appendages like earlobes and exposed toes. And since Dad-o likes to greet Finny each morning with a new kooky gimmick, the coyote makes lots of early morning appearances.
So, as I was out Christmas shopping the other night at Target, when I saw a rack of coyote-print flannel PJ pants out of the corner of my eye, I literally did a double-take and shouted “OH MY GOD! COYOTE PANTS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”. At least several dozen shoppers must’ve thought I had just escaped from the local nuthatch as I pawed through the pants, looking for the right size. That particular store did *not* have the right size, so I hopped in the car and drove to a different Target, where I successfully found my prey and took it home with me.
John then became the immediate recipient of the “Best Pre-Christmas, Could Not Have Planned Something This Great Gift”. Here is a larger version of the photo featuring the pants. Needless to say, John was as excited about them as I was, and could not *wait* to wear them in to greet Finn in the morning. And happily, Finn’s response was just what we expected. When Dad-o walked in, the first thing he shouted was “COYOTE PANTS!!!”

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