Finny The Carpenter

Finn has taken on many personas lately as his imagination has kicked in with a vengeance. One of his current favorites is “Finny the Carpenter” thanks to his terrific red toolbox and play tools (thanks Uncle James!), and a book about building a house, loaned to Finn by our friends the Pawligers.

Yesterday, we received an assembly-required cedar chest to store John’s sweaters. Do I need to mention how excited Finny was when he saw the box pieces, the box of screws, and my drill? He went completely bananas and immediately grabbed his toolbox. “Tape measure! Hammer! Screwdriver! Finny the Carpenter building a box!” Here are a couple of pics from his carpentry adventures. We played with the box for a good three hours! (Finn’s Tournament of Roses shirt courtesy of Auntie Laura and Uncle James.)

(Click images for larger versions.)

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