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Babyslang 2010

Join us again, won’t you, for another trip through the Not-So-Secret Nack Family Decoder Ring!  Recent additions to our weirdo canon:

  • Meat Cigars: Finn & Mom-O have devised a new snack consisting of rolled-up turkey slices that hide a delicious cream cheese payload.  These double at fun–and completely ineffective–telescopes.  Fair warning, though: that usage tends to result in a toddler with a case of Cheesy Eyeball.
  • Beating Sticks: Oh, this one will be hard to explain in mixed company someday.  On weekends, Finny & Dad-O like to go to “Traintrack Park,” grab fallen tree branches, and chase each other around with them. My playful threats to “beat that butt!” have led Finn to ask for “Mo’ beating sticks!”
  • Dipit Cheese: Pretzels being “dipits,” cream cheese (into which they’re dipped) is now “dipit cheese.”
  • Delicious Pocket: That’s how the big guy says “Tlaquepaque,” the name of the Mexican restaurant down the street.  Now we can’t drive by without him pointing out, “Delicious Pocket sign!  Delicious Pocket wagon!”
  • Bonk: Finn-ese for “Cheers,” as he noted during our Thanksgiving toast.
  • OhJeez: Over Christmas break, Finn grabbed some toilet paper and started tearing it with gusto. “Dad-O say ‘Oh Jeez!,'” he was delighted to report.  From there it was “Do mo’ OhJeez; Mo’ OhJeez in the crib!”  It was all fun and paper-pulverizing games until Mom-O found a shredded pile stashed beneath his bed.
  • GatoDipes: Not to be left out entirely, little Henry has upgraded to new, heavy-duty “GatoDipes”–the better to contain his newly crib-wasting bladder!

Bonus: Here’s a little taste of OhJeez. (No real mystery about Margot’s lack of enthusiasm for the practice. ;-))

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