January Jubilee

January came and went in the blink of an eye! We’ve got a serious backlog of photos, so we’ve put together a little gallery (HTML) of miscellaneous goings-on from last month. The rain kept us inside quite a bit, so the camera was always at the ready. Highlights include:

  • Henry sitting up in the bath
  • Rocking chair storytime with Mom-o
  • The boys doubling up in the new 2-passenger stroller
  • Assorted “Finny the Carpenter” hijinks
  • Henry’s first meal in a high chair
  • Finny and Mom-o reading about eBay
  • Blue Play-Doh elephant snoots
  • Everyone in hoodies while we wait for the furnace repair guy to show up
  • And assorted smooching, relaxing, and “kickandalo” in the living room

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