Poking & Prodding & Waiting

Noon today saw our little guy trussed up a bit like Frankenstein, Velcroed to a table with an IV and a catheter jabbed into him. We were in the basement of the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, where technicians pumped a radioactive solution through Henry’s system to check his kidney function. (The speed of the process, they said, would tell us about whether his ureters are constricted or blocked.)

Things got pretty rough for a while, with Henry crying & me unable to pick him up, being able only to kiss & sing to him. Offering him a bottle of water helped a great deal, though, and finally he fell asleep for part of the 45-minute procedure. Whew. Now we wait (again) for more information.

The good news, of course, is that the little guy remains healthy & happy, with no evidence of trouble. We continue to feel blessed to have access to such good health care, and we look forward to finding out more.

3 replies on “Poking & Prodding & Waiting”

Oh, poor Henry.
It’s good that he fell asleep.
Fingers crossed.

PS: Romina took a picture of something she saw on the street, for all of you and especially for Finn. I’ll send it tomorrow.

Hi guys.. Sorry to hear that poor Henry is having to go through all these procedures.. hopefully the doctors will figure things out soon. Kisses to both the boys from Samarah and Syra.

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