Babyslang: Kitchen Bestiary Edition

Time to whip out the Nack Family Secret Decoder Ring again. 🙂  Here are some recent additions to our slangy canon:

  • Cheesy Zebras: Quesadillas.  Noticing the toasted stripes made by our panini press when warming a tortilla, Finn declared, “That a zebra right there!”  And thus were Cheesy Zebras born.
  • Macaws: Green beans.  This one isn’t new, actually, but I’ve forgotten to mention it previously.  Finn took a big shine to the big-beaked birds in his books, and he decided that the long tapering ends of some green beans resemble Macaws.  Thus at dinner he started saying things like, “Macaw! Eat the beak! Come *heeeere*, Macaw!! (haaup!).”
  • K Dak-oh-Dahs: Okay, this one is a little complicated.  Finn used to pronounce “Cock-a-doodle-doo” as “Dak-oh-Dah!”–which, when you think about it, is probably closer to what a rooster actually says.  Anyway, due to the rooster on the package, Corn Flakes became “Dak-oh-Dahs.”  Thus Finn dubbed Mom-O’s box of Special K “K Dak-oh-Dahs.”
  • Plutocrat: Sir Topham Hatt, or alternately Finny (“That a plutocrat right there!” he says, tapping his chest proudly).  Power to the people!
  • Adobe drips: For some reason, Finn decided that his bath bubbles are Adobe (“That a bunch of Adobe down there!”).  He’s gotten way into dousing himself in the tub, and now he’s turned the little lobster cup on dad, pouring water & bubbles onto the front of my head. “That Adobe drippin’ down! Adobe drips!”  Somehow I started channeling our neighbor ladies’ band and singing, “Pour some Adobe on meeee, in the name of love; Pour some Adobe on meeee, ’cause I need a hug.”  (I’d write “Apologies to Def Leppard,” but isn’t it really they who owe all of us an apology?)
  • Dinka-Dinka OHyang: I work with a nice lady named Jackie Lincoln-Owyang who has a couple of kids of her own.  She gave Finn a couple of books, and when I told Margot where they came from, Finn said, “Dinka Dinka OHyang!”  Later he started grabbing random objects (e.g. an empty Coke carton) and saying, “That a Jackie Lincoln!”  Here you can hear us talking about it. 🙂 (Press the little “Play” arrow below.)

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