The Big Deuce

Finny had his big-guy 2-year checkup today with Dr. S. Our hale and healthy boy checked in solidly on the 97th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. He is 37 inches tall, which strongly suggests that he will be over six feet tall when he’s fully grown. He is a whopping 33 pounds 4 oz., and his head is 51 cm. around.

Dr. S. was impressed with not only his size but his verbal acumen and his skills at pretend play. She asked if he spoke in sentences of 4-5 words, and I said “yeah, well, a lot more than that, actually. It’s really like talking to a normal person,” and gave her an example of one of his typical sentences these days: “Mom-o get Finny some lunch and put Goonie in the ¬†hopper.” I believe “Wow!” was her response. She also liked hearing that Finn’s already got quite the imagination–calling me “the caboose” and his brother “little freight car” or “screech owl.”

Our boy had to get three shots today, but he was really a champ about the whole thing–only crying a little bit after the first two. Once I picked him up and gave him a squeeze, he was fine and later remarked “Finny got some shots and cried a little bit.” Now he won’t have to worry about shots until he’s 4!

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Finn and his cousin Patrick have a lot in common–I remember P. having chekups like that. I guess it comes from having word commandos as parents! The acorn hat will go nicely with the Secret Squirrel bag! Charlie has been known to be a screech owl, too. . .

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