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Pet Sounds from Way Out

On Sunday we & the lads enjoyed a visit to the recently re-opened Happy Hollow petting zoo. It was a lovely warm, sunny day, and we all had a great time roaming around the park. We saw goats, mules, sheep, lemurs, and parrots, and we didn’t even make it through the whole zoo! We decided to buy a family membership since it was obvious we’d want to come back many times.

Here is a little gallery (HTML) of our adventures. Finno and Dad-o decided to feed the goats–happily no trolls were spotted. Even Leo got in on the action! (We were a little worried that one of the goats might make off with Leo and have him for a snack!) We found a big water pump just like the one in Finn’s favorite book Hogwash. After a break for sandwiches and fruit, Finn and Dad-o made their way to the carousel where Finny got to ride on the big giraffe. On our way out, Finn made the acquaintance of several large brass animals that were gleaming in the sun.

[These days Finn is just as taken with inquiring about drainage pipes, wires, etc. as with checking out animals. Seeing (and announcing) “Lemur pooping!” was a highlight, however, as was his spontaneous attempt to drink from the goat watering hole! –J.]

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