The big day has finally come…time to set up Finn’s “big boy bed”! Grandpa Liggett has given Finny the bed from his childhood, although the bed itself is probably older than the Civil War (purchased at a farm sale waaaaay back when by my grandpa). It’s a beautiful big wooden bed. All we had to do was get a new mattress for it, since nobody really wants to sleep on one that dates to the 19th century.

In addition to the new, super-comfy foam mattress, we got giraffe sheets, a monkey pillow, and bed rails so our guy doesn’t tumble out in his sleep. I got the whole shebang set up this afternoon before Finny’s nap, so he could check it out and start taking some practice runs. The accompanying video is a pretty good summation of his excitement about the new bed, although for now he has chosen to continue sleeping in the crib (which is still set up in his room).

[On that note, I was pretty sure that “Bedlam” was going to turn into “Bed-lam,” with the Finnster going on the lam! Mom-O made it clear, though: Leaving the bed meant heading to the crib–an offer he accepted. –Dad-O]

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I can’t believe how big and articulate that boy is getting! SO cute…and I love his new sheets, too. 🙂

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