22-10-28…Hut Hut Hut!

Our little Quique (a nickname for Enrique) had his 9-month checkup today. He was an absolute dream at Dr. S’s office while we waited for the poking, prodding, and shots. He currently clocks in at 22 lbs. 10 oz., and 28 inches tall. That makes him a little smaller than his big bro at the same age. He’s got eight chompers with more starting to make their way to the top–the doc said she could see that his back molar area was a bit swollen already.

Dr. S. asked if he responds to his name, but I said that I didn’t think so, based on the fact that we have about a million nicknames for him–he’s probably not too sure what his real name is! But he’s on track with all the other milestones for his age–proto-crawling, clapping, pincer grasp, babbling and playing peek-a-boo, and starting to wave.

We wrapped up our day with a session on the front porch settee, watching the world go by in the early evening. Henry was placid as could be, quietly observing everything that crossed his path. We’ll go back to Dr. S. for his 12-month checkup sooner than we know it!

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