4th of July With the “Flying G”

We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July with our squirrels. It was a gorgeous, sunny day (“nottoohot!” as Finny would say), and we spent most of it outside. First off, Dad-o and Finny hit the hardware store for some mulch and tomfoolery with plumbing fixtures. At one point, Finny dubbed Henry “Flying G” after seeing us lift Henry up off the ground by his arms to get him up stairs & over curbs while he practices his walking. We think that’s a pretty terrific nickname to add to the list! Then it was off to a neighborhood barbecue at lunch time, complete with water balloons, games, hot dogs, and popsicles. When we returned home, our long-dormant fountain was burbling away, thanks to our supercool neighbor Richard.

After naptime, we played in the yard then headed out for a BBQ with some friends and their kiddos, both of whom are Finny’s age. Henry really dug the Radio Flyer and eating ice from the cooler, and Finn was having a ball in the cardboard box fort and riding around on kamikaze-style on a scooter in the driveway, crashing it into the bamboo like the Japanese chimp in one of his favorite YouTube videos. Here’s our little gallery (HTML).

As for Mom-o and Dad-o, we enjoyed the company of some other adults (woohoo!) and the fruits of our friend Derek’s labor over the Weber grill. Our dudes were pretty exhausted by the time we got them home and rolled into bed. We didn’t hang around long enough to catch any official fireworks, but the M-80’s being detonated a few houses down the street kept us (but not the dudes!) awake for a while.

[PS–I’m guessing Margot was more comfortable this year, not being insanely pregnant this time around. 🙂 –J.]

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