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“Oh no, don’t EAT me, goats!!”

Someday, technology will allow us to jump a few seconds back in time (TiVo-style) to record marvelous moments that have just transpired. And given that by then we’ll also have time machines (right?), I’ll return to last week & capture one of my favorite Finny moments ever.

Last week the boys and I, together with Grandma & Grandpa Nack, headed over to Happy Hollow, the nearby park & petting zoo. This time I came loaded with quarters, all set to buy handfuls of snacks for the various goats, sheep, and donkeys on hand. Everything went great until the end, when instead of a mere handful of food, I gave Finn a whole Ziploc bag. The horned amigos made a beeline for the big guy, prompted him to start panicking, “Oh no, oh nooo, don’t EAT me, goats!!”

I put down my cam and quickly broke up the pack, knocking the chow to the ground & drawing the goats away from Finn. Poor dude–but he recovered fast, and ever since we’ve been laughing it up about those hungry, hungry goats. Here’s our gallery (HTML).

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