Pinecone Jam! And Other Goings-on.

We’ve been having some really fun times with “the Dudes” lately. So much to report, and not sure where to start, so I’ll just start here:

Dad-o was out of town on Friday and Saturday for a business trip, so I got to spend lots of solo time with the guys. I decided it would be fun to fill up the wading pool on Saturday morning since the weather promised to be sweltering. I figured we’d fill it up but wait to dive in until lunchtime when the sun had warmed up the water. Well, the Dudes did not want to wait, so it was clothes off, dipes off, and into the pool! Finn was busy dropping all kinds of toys and other items into the pool, including a pinecone he picked up out of the mud by the gazebo. As the pinecone went in and the mud bits sank down towards the bottom, Finny mumbled something that I didn’t quite hear. I asked him what he said, and he said “Pinecone Jam.” It took me a second, but then I said, “Oh, like toe jam?” And he nodded and smiled.

In Henry news, our little guy had his 1-year checkup, and clocked in at 24 1/2 pounds, 29 inches long, and 48cm. head circumference. He’s only in the 25th percentile for height, but 75th for weight, so we’re expecting a growth spurt soon that should stretch out that spare tire! He’s got a total of 13 teeth, 4 of which have arrived in the past week or so, and he is crawling like he’s trying to set land speed records. Tonight I walked to the kitchen to get him a pre-bedtime bottle of milk, and I heard him crawling toward me saying “mama mama mama” over and over. My heart melted. He continues to be fascinated with his brother’s toes, utensils, and sippy cups, to which Finn usually responds “no Goonie, don’t touch my (insert posession/body part here).”

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