Gardening, Giraffes, & Stories

During my folks’ recent visit, Finn took quite a shine to helping with some gardening tasks, to the point that I now have to keep him from “weeding” the lawn bare. Even little Henry got in on the action, brandishing his own tools.

Finn and Grandma Nack teamed up to stuff his new giraffe (whom he curiously dubbed “The Badaff”) full of cotton balls, and he and both GPs enjoyed lots of quality storytime. In particular Grandpa Nack invited Finn to the gazebo for some thrilling readings from my childhood copies of Babar books. I can’t tell you how great it was to see the two of them delighting in tales of mermaids, lost monkey princesses, kleptomanical crocs (“bad dudes!”), crude dummies, and more. Here’s the customary little gallery (HTML).

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