A Day Out with Thomas!

After weeks of anticipation, yesterday we departed for the Island of Sodor (er, the nearby mountain town of Felton) to ride the rails with our big buddy Thomas the Tank Engine! Finn & I had come over last year with Grandma & Grandpa Nack, but he was too little to remember it, and Henry & Margot were attending for the first time. (Last year we somehow weren’t up for taking a 2-week-old on a steam train.) As you’d imagine, we had a ball, and with the brief exception of bath time, Finn has yet to relinquish his special Thomas souvenir badge.

We even got to meet Sir Topham Hatt (“that plut’,” Finn says–short for “plutocrat”), whom Finn wanted to offer some goldfish until realizing that “his boca doesn’t move.” I think Henry may make an even better Churchill/Hatt figure, as you may see in the a gallery of good times (HTML). Plus, here’s a bit of video:

Oh, and though my dad couldn’t join us in person this year, he was certainly there in spirit. 🙂

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WTF??? Where is that place? If Bruno ever learns Sodor is a physical entity, he’ll enter a hunger strike until we take him there!
I imagine Finn had a terrific time.

The Thomas photo stand in is priceless! Finn will remember this for a long, long time. Finn is right. He has a nice Mom-O and Dad-O.

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