Babyslang: Summer 2010

Time to fire up the Nack Family Secret Decoder Ring…

  • Chasando: Chasing. We’ve corrupted Finn’s nascent knowledge of Spanish, teaching him that the suffix “-ando” equals “-ing.” Thus he requests a little post-bath roughhousing by saying, “Let’s do some chasando!!”
  • Duck furniture: Dirt clods. Recently Mom-O & Finn used a big “lopper” to lop off a root growing behind our garage. Somehow Finn decided that the root was part of a duck house, and that the ducks took off, leaving behind their furniture (clumps of dirt). This leads to weird incidents like Finn running up, saying “I’m gonna blast you with some duck furniture!,” and then slamming dirt clods into my knee.
  • Sand Potato: aka The City Formerly Known as San Mateo
  • Hoot bags: Backpack. Our friend Hughes (Hoot) and I have similar backpacks, so when I pulled mine out of storage, Finn said, “Dad-O’s got a Hoot bag!”
  • Heavy Duty/Mega Duty: Blankets. Long ago Finn and I dubbed his green wool blanked “Heavy Duty,” and not long ago the even bigger wool blanket from Grandma Liggett became “Mega Duty.” We say that the blankets are brothers, or “Two Duties, Heavy & Mega.”
  • Metal nudists: Rodin sculptures up at Stanford.

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