ESP: Extra Sugary Perception

If Henry & I were lost in some parallel-universe desert, where we could survive only by locating underground sources of sugar, I wouldn’t break a sweat: I’d merely hold him in front of me so that he could stretch out, divining rod-style, and vibrate in the direction of the sweet stuff.

This kid has an unbelievable knack for sussing out the presence of M&Ms, Gummi bears, chocolate–you name it. With the M’s in particular, he’s got bat-like hearing for the rustle of the big bag. He starts pointing his whole bod in that direction, whining to be taken up to the shelf & saying “Emmin! Emmin!” Thinking I was clever, I’d started popping a few into my mouth while he’s out of earshot. No joy, though: He immediately smells them on my breath & starts wiggling towards the bag. And the other day I saw him diligently rifling around in a big shopping bag full of paper & empty boxes. It took me a while to realize that Margot had carried home some chocolate in the bag days earlier.

Henry Nack: Cocoa Whisperer. 🙂

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He comes by his sweet tooth naturally! Charlie is the same way–have to hide candy in various places to thwart his efforts to find it. Dutch ovens and skillets with lids are good places. 🙂

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