My son “Otis”

“Hey Dad-O, are you ready to get into me?”
“Uhh… ‘Get into you’? What do you mean?”
“Get in and push my buttons!”
“Uh… what are you talking about, buddy?”
“I’m an elevator!!”

That was the scene outside a Cannery Row gift shop today as Finn & munched corndogs while Henry napped on Mom-O’s chest. Finn & I had just been riding the elevator up and down a bit, and once I figured out his new game, I’d “walk” my fingers into the chest pocket of his overalls, then press the button (a snap) so that he’d rise up or sink down. It was a great way to burn some energy before our car ride home, and I’m happy to help develop those 2-year-old quads. 😉

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