Henry 2.0

Our little Henry is growing and changing so fast these days! John and I have been talking about how he’s entering the “Henry 2.0” phase–walking, talking, playing independently, goofing around with his brother, and sporting quite a little personality. He’s really coming into his own, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Verbally, G-man is learning to say a few new words a day. Recently he’s added the following to his growing vocabulary: cheese, gato, milk, agua, “do that”, this, brother, shoes, nose, toes, doggie, block, and  “toot toot”. He’s also getting quite comfortable ambling about the house on his own, and we often find him busying himself with his toys, or tours of the pantry, or a quick stroll behind the living room bookshelf. He’s working on his fork- and spoon-handling skills, too. These days we need a fork for Henry to wield and “practice” with while one of us feeds him with another fork.

He loves to do “turtleando” with his brother on the big bed. (This entails pointing to the turtle on the wall hanging and then getting tossed around on the bed by Dad-o while laughing hysterically.) He’s also started taking to several of his books and pays rapt attention while we read, especially if there are sound effects involved! He’s a big fan of fire engines and trains, and loves to say “oo oo ooh!” when he sees the monkey in his peek-a-boo book.  All in all he’s becoming lots more fun and interesting to be around, and Finny seems to be enjoying his little bro a lot more now that he’s more interactive.

[As Henry’s mind develops, Finn is starting to discover the fun of messing with it. He gets a kick out of Henry calling any & every vehicle “bus,” so yesterday he started pointing at various cars and saying absurd things like, “That’s a yellow bus, Goonie! That one’s a green teddy bear!” My boy. 🙂 –J.]

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