Visiting Uncle Lyman & Aunt Brenda

While we were in Illinois for Ted’s wedding, we were able to pay a visit to my Uncle Lyman and Aunt Brenda. It was a lot of fun for them to see the guys and how big they’ve both become!

Finn and Henry were thrilled about the Harley parked in the garage, and were excited to climb aboard and play motorcycle. Henry, in fact, was having so much fun he did not want to get down, as evidenced in his scowling face. Either that, or he’s practicing his Harley-rider intimidation skills!The boys also had a blast roaming around the big backyard and playing with the itsy-bitsy dog.

My cousin Kristan also made it out to the house so we could see her, too. We all had a great time and hopefully brought a little extra sunshine to my aunt and uncle’s day!  Here’s the gallery (HTML) of their adventures.

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