Hostile Takeover

The constant brotherly grappling over toys has officially begun. Now that Henry’s mobile, more coordinated, and can talk a little bit, he is making the most of these new skills by trying to wrestle toys away from his big bro, or destroying Finny’s works-in-progress. To wit, every time Finny’s building something with his legos, or putting together a puzzle, Henry’s right there in Demolition Man mode, doing his best to tear everything apart. To his credit, Finny gives as good as he gets. Clearly Finny’s far too old for Henry’s “baby” toys, and tends to take over the button-pressing, horn honking, shaking, and stacking that G-Man’s still trying to coordinate.

So we’ve got big bro steamrolling little bro, and little bro destroying big bro’s creations. Then the whining and grabbing kick in. But not for long–luckily they’re both fairly receptive to parental intervention and the idea of waiting turns and/or sharing. The one thing they both agree on is looking at books together and watching Wallace and Gromit shorts on the iPad. Honestly, though, the boys tend to play very well together, and usually Henry’s off doing something on his own without a lot of pestering from Finny. We both enjoy watching them hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

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Finn and Henry have discovered one of life’s Great Truths:

There’d be a lot less conflict in the world if more people would sit down and watch Wallace and Gromit together.

(Books are good, too.)

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