Our little Henry is 19 months old today, and not really so little anymore! He’s grown to 32.5 inches tall, 27.5 lbs, and his head is 50cm around. He’s also inherited the chatterbox gene, and is busy talking up a storm these days. He’s working hard at stringing words together into phrases. For instance, at the kitchen table, he will point at everything in sight and start labeling them: “yogurt! cheerios! spoon! cup! milk!” and then follow up with “want some!” He can also clearly articulate “hungry” and “all done” or “finished!”. John commented today that he’s very interested in calling out colors, regardless of his accuracy…so he might be pointing at a tree and say “orange!” or brandishing an orange and announce “blue! green!”.

He’s also working on “please” and “thank you,” and tends to pre-emptively say “hankEWW” when handing something to us. It comes across as very pre-emptory and puts the kibosh on further discussion, like when he spied a sack of M&M’s and shoved the toy he was holding into John’s chest with an emphatic “hankEWW!” so he could get at those M’s!

Hen’s favorite new activity is “flying”, where Dad-o (or Mom-o, when pressed) scoops him up like a little airplane and flies him around the house before coming in for a landing on Finny’s bed. He absolutely loves it and is just devastated when we have to take a breather from lugging him around!

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