Finny Teaches Dad-o to Cook

A few days ago, morning snack-time hit while John was minding the boys (I was marooned upstairs with the stomach flu). He asked Finny what he’d like for a snack, and Finny replied “Cinnamon toast!”, which is currently one of his favorites (much like his Grandpa Liggett). The nanny and I make it for him quite frequently so he’s seen the procedure many times, but John, a self-proclaimed non-cook, was a bit stumped.

Lucky Dad-o has a tiny coach was who was able to talk him through it. He explained to Dad-o that “First you put the bread in the toaster, then when it comes out you put the cinnamon and butter on it, cut it up, and give it to us!” I believe he even helped Dad-o locate the container of cinnamon sugar in the cabinet. Thankfully Dad-o knew that the butter had to go on first, then the sprinkles of cinnamon sugar. I don’t know if Finny and Dad-o discussed the pros and cons of cutting the toast into triangles or squares, as we usually do, but I do know that the toast was summarily inhaled by both Henry and Finny. As Finny might say, “Good job, Dad-o! You get a sticker, a star, and a treat!” (Rewards-based motivational training can be applied to parents!)

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