Anti-Piracy Advice from Finn

Yesterday as Mom-O did a 10-mile walk (putting the “go go” in “Margot”), the guys and I fooled around with neighborhood trash cans, “rescuing” some discarded Swiffers & mops from the gutter. (Hey man, cheap thrills, and they were as happy as clams!) After hauling home our loot, we spent much of the day redistributing leaves around our driveway; here’s a photo.

Soon enough it was time for me to head off to my flight to Hamburg, where I’ve now landed. Finn, recalling our extensive pirate lore, said, “Dad-O, if you run into any pirates, maybe you could bring a broomstick and beat ’em with it!” After we discussed the general incompatibility between long wooden truncheons & airline carry-on policy, he agreed, “Yeah, maybe you could just get a broom handle while you’re over there.”

And to that I say, Avast! Time to Swiff some scallywags into the sea!

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