Nighttime philosophizing with the Finnster

On Monday night as Margot & I were watching a movie, a little blonde man suddenly appeared in the doorway. “I wanted to snuggle with you guys upstairs! I couldn’t find you up there!” he declared. As I escorted him back to bed, he was eager to show me his open door: “This is where I creeped out!” Afterwards as we laid in the sack, he struck up conversation:

“Dad-O, what if your back was broken and there was a hole in it where we put food?”
“Uh… what do you mean, buddy?”
“I mean what if you were a food truck, and I was a table?”
“You were a table…? Where would you be?”
“I’d be in the kitchen, by the stove.” [Duh, dad!]
“Oh… and who would eat off of you?”
“Mom-O and G-Man. [Double duh!] You’d pull up outside, and I’d go out to unload the food.”
“Ah, okay. Would you walk on all fours, like a bear, or regular person-style?”
“I’d walk person-style.”
“Okay. You’d probably have to be careful not to dump off the food when you stood up.”
“Yeah… Hey, what if I was just wearing a table costume, instead of being an actual table?”
“I think that sounds like a pretty good plan, buddy. Okay, ready for some sleep?”
“Sure. May you rub my back first?”
“Sure, pal.”

[Aaand, *scene*]

5 replies on “Nighttime philosophizing with the Finnster”

Ok, for some reason my high school kid found your blog, and follows you.
He even made a 3-D printed coaster with your Head-Table outline.
He just opened this and made me read this entry again.
Sooner or later he will notice that I left you a comment.

That kid is now in college. He just designed and bought a hoodie with Man Table on it, and has been following this blog for years. He is obsessed. He loves Finn Nack more than he loves me. For Christmas he asked me for a blanket with Man Table on it. I can’t take it anymore. It’s tearing our family apart. Please for the love of god adopt my son. He belongs with you. Please.

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